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Organized Religions are CVLTS

I like the approach of CVLTS, who come to us from the birthplace of Truman (Harry S, not Peyote) and the Oregon Trail. It’s similar to what Negativland did with their EP aptly titled U2 – as Cults expand like manifest destiny across the lines of communication in music journalism at a rate that would completely frighten those who subscribe to the¬†philosophy¬†of Future Shock, here comes instrumental headfucked new age sludge hustlers CVLTS to prove rock and roll will never die. So the untrained eye reading this blog and a few others will see CVLTS and get all excited and shit, thinkin’ they’re going to hear some sweet Cults pop music, then CVLTS decimates them with nasty brain burning jams and dude is then all like “aaah what the fuck?” I dig that. Samples, broken keyboards, some guitars, and a serious love of sonic space and dry signals build the meditative states that really give you something to think about.

Stream their latest, LVST, at the group’s Bandcamp. Stream it again on December 21, 2012, because it feels right.

MP3 :::

CVLTS – Red Eye