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Between the release of their lauded 2011 debut As Bright As Your Night Light and their latest 3-song EP, Nerves Junior underwent major corporate restructuring. Such a tumultuous turnover could spell creative or pragmatic disaster to a less urgently determined outfit. Nerves Junior reinvented; switching rolls, adding new members, and to wit, new dynamics to an already adventurous brutal sonic entity. “Goodnight Nodody,” from the forthcoming Craters, offers up the most propulsive and, truth be told, gorgeous songwriting in their toychest yet.

Shimmering guitar and boyant vocals make full and tasteful use of the quiet-loud dynamic trope, yielding a catchy cosmic rock anthem appropriate for the ladies and gentlemen floating in space. Most impressive is new drummer Brey McCoy – a prodigious badass – toggling between breakneck crash/ride galloping and whispy, wrist-heavy, not quite mechanical timekeeping. His drum patterns showcase a restraint in the presence of wanting to Iron Butterfly the shit out of his kit. Nerves Junior just put haters on blast through unbridled beauty – an incredible lead track from an impressive EP.

Craters is digitally available via Sonablast February 12th. Dudes are gonna be at SXSW too, so book those guys por favor!