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Better Than Pizza

Recently, a “commercial” for David’s Pizza went viral on the Internet, with the hope that maybe the Tim & Eric aesthetic had finally reached basic cable advertisers. The bad news alas, the video is fake. The good news, it comes from a little-known but utterly amazing Internet show called KNFR from 7:00 to 7:30. In its attempt to sardonically recreate a hypothetical early morning program schedule on a small TV station in Anywhere USA circa 1986, KNFR pieces together a collage with the best parts of things we already like – the destroying-your-childhood primary directive of Wonder Showzen mixed in with the surrealism of the aforementioned Awesome Show Great Job. However, while both Wonder Showzen and Tim and Eric espouse a bit of a visceral negativity within their candy-coated carnival asylum, KNFR from 7:00 to 7:30 is much more whimsical and non-sequitur, concocting an absurdist style all its own. Backseat Sandbar‘s Joey Filspart and I laughed our asses off last night watching this, and unfortunately, most sites posting the David’s Pizza video are not talking about this show, be it because they don’t know it’s fake or they’re being lazy. So at the very least, we want to share this gem with you, dear reader, and point you toward their recently dropped DVD as well. It’s the best!