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Black Moth Super Rainbow Drops Today

Eating Us is out today. Go grip that shit! I wanted to go on and share my review originally written for LEO Weekly and was recently nixed and reworked for a bigger, more awesome full-page feature we’re doing coming in the next couple of weeks:

Black Moth Super Rainbow performs a difficult feat with Eating Us. The group is able to maintain the distinct, calculated sound that makes them easily recognizable while branching out to create a remarkably different album. The massive arsenal of antique analog equipment that defined BMSR’s first three albums remains in tact – the vocoder-saturated vocals of Tobacco, the thick and swirling novatrons and mellotrons that cultivated a general feeling of sunshine and old 8mm films about nature, etc. However, Eating Us showcases a more organic band, incorporating more acoustic instrumentation and mellow moods without disregarding the group’s traditional glitchy, Technicolor timbre. The syrupy strings that producer Dave Friddman fine-tuned on the Flaming Lips’ latter output makes its way onto beautiful floral pop gems like “Fields are Breathing” and the cinematic “Gold Splatter.” The expansive “Smile the Day After Today” sounds like the music Boards of Canada should’ve followed up Geogaddi with, but failed to. In short, Eating Us is a gorgeous, cohesive, enthralling, brain-melting psychedelic package – a record of remarkable imagination and accessibility that will unequivocally enjoy a very high place on my best of ’09 list.

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Don’t forget to check out our interview with Tobacco here, as well as some concert photos from our friends at Backseat Sandbar who went to their tour kick-off show in Lexington last week. I’ll be heading to the Southgate House in Newport (best venue in the world) to see them rip June 21st? Anyone else going?

MP3 :::
Black Moth Super Rainbow – Iron Lemonade
Black Moth Super Rainbow – Fields are Breathing

  • Danger Zone

    Well, now. You had to throw a slight bucket of fecal remains at Boards of Canada, huh?

    #1 – How can ANYONE, much less Boards of Canada, follow up “Geogaddi”?

    #2 – I have no fucking idea.

    #3 – were it not for them Boards, BMSR would not exist in the cuddly, loveable, sweet molasses realm they inhabit.

    #4 – them Boards gonna come back and GIT YA GOOD.

    #5 – I love this Mothy Rainbow album too.

  • Kenny Bloggins

    Ya know, I agree with you 100%. I really love BoC, and I hope they come back strong. And when they do, I hope to Allah they call the new album Boards O.C. Gon’ Give It To Ya (How Do U Want It?). Geogaddi is in the top 5 best albums of the decade, in my opinion.