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Brand New Bonnie Prince Billy Covers the Early 20th Century

My editor at LEO Weekly runs the label Karate Body Records, and they’re getting ready to drop a gorgeous vinyl 10″ by Bonnie Prince Billy called Among the Gold. Though fresh off the Beware publicity storm, the prolific and mercurial Oldham is never one to stay idle for too long.  The six-song release is a collaboration with Cheyenne Mize of adventurous Louisville folk collective Arnett Hollow – and it’s an authentic historical jaunt.

Oldham and Mize dust off some antique torch ballads, dirges, and steamboat folk written between 1873 and 1915, and claim them all as their own. Though the music is undeniably the touch of Oldham, the melody and intimacy of old American standards and duets is perfectly preserved and documented with delicate prowess.

This is a limited edition record, so if you want one, head over to KBR pretty soon to grip your pre-order.

MP3 :::
Bonnie Prince Billy & Cheyenne Mize – Silver Threads
Bonnie Prince Billy & Cheyenne Mize – Beautiful Dreamer

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