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[Co-Premiere] Dirty Beaches and Ela Orleans – Double Feature

French label collective La Station Radar/Atelier Ciseaux have teamed up with stateside wax slingers Night People (founded by the much-missed Raccoo-oo-oon) to release Double Feature— a heavy hitting 12″ split between Ela Orleans and psych rock’s finest pompadour-laden trans-Pacific prophet, Dirty Beaches.¬†Despite the beach-themed moniker, Alex Zhang doesn’t evoke whimsical nostalgia. Hell no. His recent release, Badlands, summons acid trips riddled with paranoia, shadows lurking in the corners. “God Speed” comes replete with Bo Diddley riffs piped through primordial distortion and zombified rockabilly vocal melodies. Ela Orleans counterbalances the fright night with blithe and breezy, baroque-flavored pop. “Neverend,” below, dabbles in piano-pop splendor and hauntological haziness. Sparse and cinematic, Ela Orleans transmits a gorgeous technicolor soundtrack for balmy late nights.

Double Feature is out June 21 from La Station Radar, Atelier Ciseaux, and Night People.

MP3 :::
Dirty Beaches – God Speed
Ela Orleans – Neverend

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