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Kenny Bloggins – kb [at] thedecibeltolls (dot) com

Hansen and Davves don’t check their shit as much as they should, so feel free to send any messages for them directly to me, and I’ll divvy out.

Music submission: The Decibel Tolls welcomes your demos, album, EP, press materials, or submission of any format that you’d like to share/promote. However, to save you time and effort, keep in mind that this blog is genre specific, focusing primarily on psychedelic, shoegaze, experimental, freak folk, strange electro, noise, avant hip-hop, dream pop, space rock, garage rock, retro kitsch, hauntology, and any tangential or similar aesthetics. Even if it’s good, chances are we will not review an indie pop record. And please, no fucking remixes. However, there are many fish in the sea for music in that vein.

If what you’re pushin’ does fall within our scope, we want to hear it! We prefer a file drop at Soundcloud since it makes things easier for all parties involved. Two clicks, mission accomplished. However, some MP3s or an EPK sent to the above email address is also acceptable. If you wanna roll analog and send me something through the mail, that, too, is okay. Please send your contraband by way of USPS though, since I’m rarely home to sign for packages:

UPDATE: I no longer accept physical submissions. Got too much shit as it is. Not saying your music is shit. I mean the editorial “shit.” Moreover, I feel guilty when someone pays to mail something to me that I don’t dig. Hence, digital only, por favor.

You may also contact us via the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. We do not have a MySpace because it’s shitty…

We make a valiant effort to listen to everything we receive (unless it’s glaringly obvious that it’s not our thing). If we don’t write it up, it just means that we didn’t dig it (and we don’t give negative press to lesser known bands, only the big dudes). Don’t take it personally, as that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. We’re just kinda ornery, ya know… I mean, this was the blog that called shenanigans on the last Grizzly Bear album, right? Keep ya head up and shop it around to other dudes whose taste may be more aligned with your work.

Now the disclaimer: MP3s are for sampling and promotional purposes only. The Decibel Tolls supports all of the artists featured here, and asks you to do the same. If you own the copyright to any material that appears on this page and want it taken down, I will respectfully and quickly do so. Just drop me a line at the above address. Please don’t sue, as I’m ballin’ on a budget.