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Creature of the Nightlands

I’m thrilled that ’70s AM standards has become en vogue, because I got fucking tired of defending the honor of George Benson amongst the Bloc Party indie rock dickheads I dealt with in college. Welp, now it’s everywhere, and I’m totally pleased with that. Enter Dave Hartley, whom you may know as both The War on Drugs’ permanent four-string juggernaut as well as Sharon Van Etten’s source for low end solutions. His project is called Nightlands, and man is it truth in advertising – prismatic and balmy smooth pop with a nocturnal aura and somewhat janky take the Gold genre. Think if Brian Eno went evening yachting more instead of building sonic turing machines. The first jam, “So Far So Long,” from his forthcoming Secretly Canadian release is available below via the YouTubes, and look out for Oak Island to make an early splash when it drops January 22nd.