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[Cropped Out 2010] Saturday Preview

Cropped Out steers the ship onward Saturday, October 2 kicking off just before 2 p.m. at the American Turners Club (3125 Upper River Road – map that shizz) at Thurman Hutchins Park, easily accessible via I-71 and just minutes from downtown Louisville.

Advanced tickets are available online at Ticketfly, or you can grip collectible screen printed tickets by Kin Ship Press at three convenient Louisville locations – ear X-tacy, Underground Sounds, and Wild & Wooly. Also just announced, if you buy an album or related merchandise from any Drag City artist playing Cropped Out at the label’s online store, you receive a free ticket for the day they’re playing! Now that’s value. More information at Drag City.

Cropped Out will have both an outside and inside stage at American Turners. Meteorologically speaking, we’re in for a gorgeous autumn weekend, and most of the early afternoon activities happen outside – so bring a blanket. No need to bring your own booze, though, because the one and only reimagined Falls City Beer will be slinging cheap and tasty libations. If you haven’t tried the new Falls City, know that it’s locally brewed, hoppy as all hell, and the new recipe is quite refreshing.

All late night festivities move inside – and the music goes on pretty late Saturday night. Just over twelve hours of jams to be exact. Bring your all natural ginseng or totally extreme energy drink or whatever you use to party on to the witching hour(s).

Below is your guide to all of Saturday’s entertainment. MP3s all the way at the bottom, chief

ALEX BARNETT – 1:45 P.M. – Outside Stage

Alex Barnett’s ‘Try Harder’ is an analogue love letter to the fledging shards of stark beauty which float unassailable in those empty moments of wonder between ghastly happenings in the cinematography of that John Carpenter. Not only was the man the true master of suspense, but also the best documenter of those warped zones which emerge in the junction between industrial states and derelict back-alleys, abandoned offices and empty neighbourhoods where in the absence of people one loses all sense of perspective, lines bounding vast surfaces of concrete spread towards infinity, for all you know the apocalypse could have already happened and you shall be legend.” – 20 Jazz Funk Greats

::: Alex Barnett on the MySpaces

LEARNER DANCER – 2:15 p.m. – Outside Stage

Brutal shit-fi psychedelia from the Crossroads of America.

“I am not really sure what kind of band they are. I couldn’t tell if they were punk rock, no wave, drone or noise. I thought it slo-core, however, I think their myspace header defines them the best: WELCOME TO THE FUTURE. Whatever the case, it is what it is and I loved it.” – Lo-Fi Showcase

::: Learner Dancer on the MySpaces

NZAMBI – 2:55 p.m. – Outside Stage

Nzambi is like Silver Apples in the sense that Christopher Cpreck keeps the wrecked retro-futuristic electronic vibe thick by way of nothing more than homemade DIY electrical equipment. In fact, Cpreck heads up Louisville’s LVL1, a collective of gadget and sound builders who host monthly workshops. Musically, Nzambi builds just enough tremolo-saturated structure to make shag music, yet just enough sonic distraction to appease the most post of post post rock talisman. Mac Finley of Parlour completes the damaged synth lineup.

::: Nzambi’s web presence coming soon

SKIMASK – 3:35 p.m. – Outside Stage

Boston audio terrorists responsible for upstaging the likes of Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt, The Coathangers, and Expo ’70 in various live settings, while remaining integral to the New Weird Boston movement along with friends Young Adults and Doomstar.

::: Skimask on Tumblr

JASON AJEMIAN & THE (HIGH)LIFE – 4 p.m. – Inside Stage

“Jason Ajemian creates scores in the architectural drafting program AutoCAD, which guide the musiciansthrough spaces and hallways of musical structures. His blueprints dictate the flow and motion of a musical set, opening the performers up to visual and descriptive influences, while leading them through a diverse musical landscape consisting of Ajemian’s orchestrated poems, American folk forms, Native American chants, Canadian sea shanties, Orbison, jazz expressive motion and balladry — all filtered through the creative/improvised process in a unique communication of the moment.” – Bio

::: Jason Ajemian & The (High)life’s website

DAD – 4:15 p.m.- Outside Stage

Spazz noise tent revivals informed by early Boredoms and the finest of the Load roster. If you forgot earplugs, toilet paper often does the trick.

::: DAD on the MySpaces

RABBLE RABBLE – 4:50 p.m. – Inside Stage

Flower punk arisen from the sweat stained basements of Chicago’s Logan Square. Their debut is titled Bangover, a term for how one feels the morning after a Rabble Rabble show. This album gives it to you straight with the perfect blend of catchy guitar jangle and pulsing drum grooves enticing the body into primal hypnotic rhythms.

::: Rabble Rabble on Bandcamp

GEFFIKA – 5:05 p.m. – Outside Stage

Greasy grimy sludge fuzz. Pure Chicago trash

::: Geffika on the MySpaces

LIFE PARTNER – 6 p.m. – Outside Stage

Chicago/Louisville sickgaze scuzzer Life Partner often has those “the living envy the dead” type nightmares.

“What happens when you stop listening to every band on Amphetamine Reptile and start jamming K Records till yr ears bleed? This record happens. This ain’t your cousin’s Life Partner. This is a man stompin’ his foot on yr chin bone and sayin’ “Hey! I’m still here, man! Can I have a dollar? I really need to get on the train.” When you become a man and move out of your mom’s house and move into your dad’s condo. This is what happens when you become more human than human, when you stop eating 6 items at Taco Bell just because your friends dare you to. This is what happens when lights and colors start to fade.” – Sophomore Lounge

::: Life Partner on the MySpaces

SLOW HORSE – 6:30 p.m. – Inside Stage

Would you listen to a post hardcore band that played ditties titled “Too Faust Too Furious” and “Escalator to Heaven”? Yes, yes you would.

::: Slow Horse on the MySpaces

NATURAL GEOGRAPHIC – 6:50 p.m. – Outside Stage

Louisville bucolic space rockers who recently opened for Simon Joyner and churned out a series of amazing fliers that Godspeed You Black Emperor wish they could cop.

::: Natural Geographic on FaCeBoO!K

PRIDESWALLOWER – 7:20 p.m. – Inside Stage

Prideswallower produces a noisy, distorted rock that attacks the ears without letting down. Even during the instrumental breaks, the speakers are awash in feedback. The raw sound of peaked out guitars and crashing cymbals is enough to make anyone drop their jaw and say, “HOLY FUCK!” This is the type of band that should be played at loud volumes exclusively.” – Scene Point Blank

::: Prideswallower on the Myspaces

MEAH! – 7:40 p.m. – Outside Stage

There’s this crazy-fantastic band out of L.A. called The Mae Shi that you need to check out if you haven’t heard before. They write songs about vampires and dolphins and the Old Testament, and are this bizarre cross between art punk and hip-hop, but mostly just kick-your-balls-through-your-brains screaming rock awesomeness. Before I heard MEAH! I thought that nobody could ever rock as hard as The Mae Shi. Now I realize that I was wrong.” – Soundcheck Magazine

::: MEAH! on the MySpaces

WISHGIFT – 8:10 p.m. – Inside Stage

“Reared in the basements and DIY spaces of the city, the band packs a frenetic energy in one concise package- a mix of Fitz of Depression and King Crimson compressed into a tiny room and then let free. The band is a presence. Perhaps a menace. They nearly never stop playing, consistently spreading their loud and distorted gospel all over Chicago and the greater midwest” – Contraphonic

::: Wishgift on Bandcamp

PC WORSHIP – 8:30 p.m. – Outside Stage

Teeth Mountain and Gary War members start a warehouse commune and trip the bad acid. Influenced by “living in a trench.”

“Doomsday shitgaze” – Village Voice

“…crosses into sweet green pools of melody, and the sun-scarred pop music that results sounds like cold water filling out the burnt core the band built over so many thrash sessions.” – IMPOSE

“With a sound that evokes some nonexistent David Lynch documentary about (early) Beck and (early) Lou Reed smoking PCP and jamming until dawn, PC Worship is definitely an act to keep a stoned ear on.” – Foxy Digitalis

::: PC Worship on the MySpaces

STRAIGHT A’S – 9 p.m. – Inside Stage

The post-hardcore spirits of Squirrel Bait and Flipper are alive and well, demonstrated by the destructive experimentation of Noise Pollution’s Straight A’s. Too punk for the art kids, too paranoid for the fist-pumpers, Straight A’s march to their own beat.

::: Straight A’s on the MySpaces

CACAW – 9:30 p.m. – Outside Stage

“Why it’s worth your money: The highly abrasive first EP from the local noise rockers features seven songs of awesomely cacophonous rock, as the band’s throat-searing vocals and pummeling punk percussion dip into complex polyrhythms. This pressing has a striking visual component as well, as one side of the record has been screen printed with a leafy green image to show off the band’s artistic chops.” – The Onion AV Club

::: Cacaw on the MySpaces

PARLOUR – 10:05 p.m. – Inside Stage

I first saw Parlour open for Bardo Pond in 2003, and it was pure ruination. I was thoroughly ruinated. The collective tends to hide and reveal themselves in a cyclic fashion, much like the phases of the moon, so grab this opportunity post haste. Organized by Tim Furnish of the mighty and much-missed Crain and rounded out by heavy hitters from Siltbreeze heros Sapat and Shedding, Parlour is a John Peel-endorsed blast of no wave exploration, Tortoise-approved jazz flourishes, and Can-flavored motorik precision. Replete with tension and release structures and paranoid guitar and electronic acrobatics, think of Parlour as cinematic future shock. But don’t call it post rock. Their 2002 effort Googler is essential and, as the title suggests, clairvoyant. Parlour’s first album in a straight minute, Simulacrenfield, is out on Temporary Residence today!

::: Parlour’s website

GA’AN – 10:30 p.m. – Outside Stage

“Don’t you love how we canonize older bands? Looks like far-out 70s shit like Cluster, Neu!, Magma, and Amon Düül II are finally being stocked at Best Buy, if you get what I’m saying. Suffice to say, if a track like Ga’an’s “Servant Eye” had dropped in 75, it would be right there with the best of them. Like those distant, cosmic relatives, this simple four-piece setup yields insane, otherwordly results. The drums and bass cease functioning as concrete instruments and become pure thumping texture swirling around a truly eerie, artificial string sound. And the vocals are totally alien — wordless, haunting, all of that. You almost forget it’s a bunch of sweating twenty-somethings banging on some instruments.” – Tiny Mix Tapes

“Vice are cheap motherfuckers and won’t fly me to Chicago to report on leftfield kraut prog bands. Dude, it’s like they just don’t give a shit about my 75 word blogs! So I’m stuck in Nottingham, which means I need someone to book GA’AN to play over here, because they sound like they’d slay live.They’ve got a trancy, post-rock sound built around synths and stobe drums courtesy of Seth Sesh of that no-wave group, Coughs. They probably listen to Cluster, Polol Vuh and Amon Düül II but my editor reckons some parts of their hypnotic goth prog sounds a little like Klaxons. He’s an idiot.” – VICE Magazine

::: Ga’an on the MySpaces

CAVE – 11:10 p.m. – Inside Stage

At their best, Chicago’s Cave boil down familiar but disparate branches of psychedelic rock into a sludgy yet nimble whole. Their first album approached different modes like a kid in a candy store, dipping into heavy riffs, hypnotic repetition, and howling noise, but it sprinted and lagged, never pacing itself as expertly as the band does now. Psychic Psummer is comparatively a less-immediate listen, but it is a deeper and ultimately more rewarding one. It’s less of a wrecking ball and more of an assured roll, tumbling like an enormous slow-moving boulder through the band’s diverse brand of burly and blissed-out space-rock.” – Pitchfork

::: Cave on the MySpaces

YOUNG WIDOWS – 12:05 a.m. – Inside Stage

Not many groups can do a split with Melt Banana, then tour with Pelican and Russian Circles, and live to tell about it. Local-boys-done-good Young Widows did. Listen up.

“Formed from the remnants of Breather Resist, Louisville, KY’s Young Widows have progressed from their noisy hardcore roots into something truly their own – a sinister, hypnotic rock band with a mind-blowing live show and a stunning attention to detail. With their bone-rattling rhythms and their sprawling wall of matching custom-designed amps, Young Widows kill the fashionably bored and resurrect the evil dead.” – Temporary Residence

::: Young Widows’ (amazing) website

PISSED JEANS – 1:10 a.m. – Inside Stage

Someday they may settle down and listen to Tom Petty and Astrud Gilberto like the rest of us, but now several records down the line Eastern Pennsylvania’s Pissed Jeans continue to churn out ugly, malevolent, sexually alienated/frustrated and boredom-damaged rock music. At a total peak right now with their latest “King of Jeans” on Sub Pop, the Jeans have aged and matured, but instead of going soft they’ve only honed in on the fine art of destruction with even more precision in channeling the frayed-cable attack of Black Flag, Flipper, Drunks With Guns and more. In October, they turned the stage of WFMU Fest in Brooklyn into a wasteland of broken mic stands and (much) vomit and might have put in the rock show of the year.” – WFMU’s Beware of the Blog

“If all albums came with a handy listening guide from their creators, ‘King Of Jeans’ would read thusly: ‘Hi y’all, we’re Pissed Jeans and we’d like to confront you with the inanity of your everyday existence. We ask you to please sit still while we bludgeon you into a coma with guitars that crunch like skulls under the wheels of Satan’s chariot’.” – NME

“One of the most delightfully scuzzy bands in the world. So killer.” – NEU Magazine

::: Pissed Jeans at Sub Pop

MP3 :::
Alex Barnett – Try Harder
Learner Dancer – Eternal Return
DAD – Dumbass
Rabble Rabble – Cheatin’ Blues
Jason Ajemian & The Highlife – Monsters
PC Worship – So Denied
Parlour – Simulacrenfield
Ga’an – Servant Eye
CAVE – Made in Malaysia
Pissed Jeans – I’ve Still Got You, Ice Cream