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Cropped Out 2013 Ropes in Lambchop, Mayo Thompson, Wolf Eyes, and More!


Back for its fourth year, the country’s most determinedly anti-commercial, DIY, how-does-this-thing-even-exist festival returns this September. Cropped Out Fest 2013, just like the previous three, packs some serious surprises – the aerodynamic Lambchop, legendary Red Krayola freak folker Mayo Thompson, legendary Louisville punk outfit The Endtables, feel good noise purveyors Wolf Eyes, and a slew of familiar touring names – Blues Control, Endless Boogie, Bill Orcutt (this time with drummer Chris Corsano), and of course, the weirdest sonic bullshit from the city and region.

Just like last year, Cropped Out returns on the last weekend of September at our absolutely favorite blue collar country club on the muddy banks of the Ohio – American Turners, as well as a special closing party at the Workhorse Ballroom on Sunday (a.k.a. the cave where Bill Callahan and Dave Pajo played). Go on and get your tickets now, because if history repeats itself, more insanity will be added throughout the summer.

From the homies Ryan and James:

What our festival intends to define is a renewed sense of enthusiasm about Kentucky’s cultural offerings by pairing some of our favorites from the Bluegrass State with similarly progressive and expressive examples from alternate alleys of the world. The result? Well, one wild, wonderful weekend on the Ohio River, filled with food trucks, cheap drinks, vinyl vendors, art installations, merchant booths, tattoo artists, live magic, horseshoes, an idyllic backdrop of birds, boats, and barges, all while witnessing one-of-a-kind, intimate performances from artists like Jandek, Scratch Acid, Neil Hamburger, Lil B, Pissed Jeans, Merchandise, Angel Olsen, Papa M, & more.

Cropped Out exists solely as a celebration of contemporary musicians, artists, and artisans whom we feel reflect a greater undercurrent of sonic, visual, and conceptual exploration. These are the minds most interesting to us, the minds most capable of emerging from and quickly returning to their lightlessness, if only to be briefly met by a niche appreciation. We’re the ones who are listening. We’ll be waiting on the boat dock with open beers, open ears, and open arms. Now you know where to find us.

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