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Ducktails Aim to be Your Summer’s Soundtrack

Ducktails is the solo project of Matthew Mondanile (Predator Vision, Real Estate). The debut self-titled LP is composed of econo-ambient works largely built from hazy guitar jams and blown out Casio swirls over tropical tape samples, producing some Pete and Pete era psychedelic nostalgia. The unique sound is inferred to be a stew of both his early exposure to the Beach Boys and a recent stay in western Mass where Thurston Moore and a few others flood the scene with noise and free jams.

The album has a lulled but not quite hypnotizing quality, similar to the nature documentary sound that Boards of Canada achieve, with occasional lo-fi tape tinkering like on “Backyard,” with its phased bucket-toms and Robert Fripp inspired distortion shifting in between. Nods to lable-mates Pocahaunted and Sun Araw are scattered about via Mondaile’s agenda to strike a balance between pop and drone music, like on the summer bookend “Dancing With the One You Love.” With much of the big releases belly flopping so far this year, I’m putting my money on the understated charmers like this album right here.

Ducktails is available on vinyl from Not Not Fun (edition of 600, so act fast!). Mondanile will also be touring as a grab bag of his many forms in US this summer, starting June 12th as Predator Vision in Brooklyn and working his way around the East Coast.

MP3 :::
Ducktails – Dancing With the One You Love
Ducktails – Backyard

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