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[Photos] Angel Olsen and William Tyler – Zanzabar, Louisville

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Angel Olsen returned to Louisville after a rather triumphant showing at Cropped Out 2011, where she dueted with Cairo Gang’s Emmitt Kelly. This time around, with a plethora of accolades under her belt, Angel brought along a power trio to add extra gusto to her supremely haunting, out-of-time-and-place electric folk. Sadly, while Zanzabar is one of the premiere live music venues in town, it wasn’t the right venue for her. Her hushed tones and nuanced vocals demand undivided attention, and while most of the crowd was respectful, the innate environment of a bar selling drinks no more than 40 feet from the stage provided a great distraction to both the audience and Angel. Distractions aside, Angel Olsen is a special live force, if one that is better placed in a theater or art gallery. William Tyler‘s opening Fahey-evocative noodling, though, battled the ambient noise very well, and if him and Daniel Bachman ever team-up, America will have a new weapon of mass destruction.