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[Photos] Washed Out – Headliners, Louisville


Appropriately, Washed Out’s performance at Headliners happened on a particularly mild evening for November. Perhaps Ernest summoned such warm vibes. Or perhaps it was the heat emanating from the sold out crowd. Or perhaps it was the booze. Each and every Washed Out show seems to be different. He performed with a different band than his last show in town at Forecastle 2012. And compared to his Midpoint Music Festival show in Cincinnati in 2011, Washed Out has become significantly less disco and ‘everyone clap your hands now,’ and more interested in the explorations into the intricate vintage synth layers Ernest Greene masterfully assembles. Ernest and Company still bolsters a solid, dance-heavy live show, but with enough sonic nuance and experimentation to win over more discriminating ears.









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  • Disco Dust

    Saw them on this tour about 2 1/2 weeks earlier and I love the chilled direction they’re going in…not that I don’t like all out dance parties. Really nicely weaved together synth atmospheres

  • Somebody González

    Kenny, the list of your favourite albums in the year is so much missed.
    Any intention of comeback?
    Any recommendation? (I mean, of an album, no “search another blog”)

  • OgdenOReillyHyland

    Looking at you in those pictures bring me so much joy. I am your fan.

    Ogden O’Reilly-Hyland

  • Nadine

    Great pictures ! Keep it up.


  • B.K. Saha

    Oh no,that’s a fabullous beats for sale music festival.These photos are very nice.

  • Shredkick

    Really nice pics. Professional looking stuff.
    -Cliff @shredkick

  • Anthony Rodgers

    I myself want to be on a big stage one day. I’m currently in the ear training phase to strengthen my musical arsenal. After I’m with this Ear Training HQ, maybe I’ll move to a big city for better chances. Big fan of yours.


    Very charming full image i can see here. The lighting system was excellent and the performer was so brilliant. I enjoyed it so much.