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[Photos] Xiu Xiu – Zanzabar, Louisville – 9.22.11

Xiu Xiu scares audiences in the live setting just as much, if not more, as they’ve unsettled listeners over, what, nine albums. Geez, didn’t realize until just now that Jamie Stewart is the reigning Stephen King of exorcism pop. And last Thursday, demons were excised at the Zanzabar, yes sir. Lots of yelling, interspersed with a dash of catharsis. And of course lots of the skewed, almost anthemic fist pumpers Xiu Xiu has been known for since around 2004’s Fabulous Muscles. Don’t get it twisted though, the show was as intense as a sonic sweat lodge. I had to regain composure for a sustained period of time after the performance, then I took a shower. They put on a rock and roll show. In eBayese, A++ will see again.

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