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[Photos+Video] Casino vs. Japan and Nudge – Zanzabar, Louisville – 5.30.10

“Acoustic set!” was the shout we heard after a crack of lightning from a nasty storm shut down the power at Zanzabar on the Sunday night of Memorial Day weekend. While an impromptu acoustic set from mostly electronic artists would’ve been remarkable, what was more incredible was how people just kept drinking and carrying on during the five minutes of darkness like nothing was out of the ordinary. I love this city.

Though the artists did not have their visual element(s) prepared in time for the show, Casino Vs. Japan and Nudge didn’t exactly need them. The droned rhythms radiating through the air and attentive vibe of the room made for an utterly satisfying, hypnotic experience. After the final note of Nudge’s set rang out and Kenny Bloggins’ brain was saturated with red wine buzz and cosmic understanding, it took me, like, two minutes to come to and figure out what the fuck just happened. While both sets were serious telescopic meditations, I would absolutely love to hear and see these two combine forces in a loose, improvised set of ambient overload.