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[Premiere] Columboid – Route Notes

Check the new woozy, skewed schizo pop of Columboid, which features members of Icy Demons, Man Man, and Vaz. The rapid fire 8mm cuts interspersed throughout this basement performance just adds to the sonic vertigo. Worth checking out. If you dig on it, their debut, We Were One, just came dropped on the mighty upstart La Société Expéditionnaire, so go see ’bout ’em!

  • William

    Is the singer not also the dude from Coyote? If i recall correctly that was also a Man Man side project.

  • Jimbo James

    Cool Video. William, since you asked, here's a bit of history from a friend/fan who was in that scene at that time:

    Ryan (vocals) and Russell (bass) both grew up in Delaware Water Gap, PA and had a band called The Holy Fallout. They then formed Coyote in Philly. Coyote wasn't a side project, it was the main-dish, pre Man-Man. They had releases in '05 and '06 on Birdman and Hot Dog City Records. Russell began to play in Lewis & Clarke and Man Man. Coyote's bass player, Trevor Butler, passed away in a tragic tour accident. They tried to re-format the band, but things were not the same without Trevor. Ryan went on to play in Vaz. Matty from Coyote went on to form NYMPH, an eclectic band currently in based in Brooklyn. NYMPH played Columboid's record release show recently at Bruar Falls. The spirit of Trevor was in the room that evening. The guys are still making music together, if not in the same band.

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