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[Recordings] Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell – 1.29.10 and 1.31.10

Art Bell appeared on Coast to Coast twice last weekend, and I recorded as much as I could to continue with my unofficial project archiving Art’s scant appearances. Most of Friday’s program (with the total badass theoretical physicist Michio Kaku), save for the first hour because I was out, bro, is below in two parts, as well as most of Sunday’s in one part.

As a quick caveat, the audio quality on Friday’s show is total garbage, and I have no idea why this time. No storms interfering with reception, radio was in working order, etc. Louisville’s Coast affiliate, WHAS, is a 50,000 watt flamethrower that, as a clear channel (small c) station, can be heard in most of the continental U.S., Canada, and, like, Cuba at night. My apartment is not more than 30 minutes from the transmitter, and yet, the clarity is fucking embarrassing. I apologize in advance. If any engineer out there has an explanation beyond solar interference and a shitty antenna, I’d love to hear your thoughts. With all that said, it’s still perfectly listenable. Also, Sunday’s is totally fine.

Dr. Kaku touched on a myriad of issues – the Large Hadron Collider, quantum theory, teleportation, The Carrington Event… generally awesome shit. Another physicist, Dr. David Anderson, spent his Sunday program discussing time technology, particularly his accelerated time fields. I missed the last hour because I had to work in the morning, but you get the gist below.

MP3 :::
Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell – 1.29.10 – Part 1 (show recap)
Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell – 1.29.10 – Part 2
Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell – 1.31.10 (show recap)

  • Thelob

    Man I love the show and Dr. Kaku but the radio fuzz is just too bad to listen to. Thanks for the attempt because I really don't want to pay for archives but quality is just too poor.


  • Kathy Mack

    Would you happen to have any recordings of Matthew Alper’s appearances on Coast to Coast – preferably with Art Bell, not Noory.

    Also, Thelob mentioned archives where you can pay to get shows. Can you tell me where I can find these archives? Thanks