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Rusted Surf Swagger

“Write what you know” as the adage goes, but penning sun-kissed pop gems whilst enjoying the privilege of a perpetually mild climate just comes off as so… easy. When one survives the harsh upper Midwest winter for five months, however, a much different and intense appreciation for resplendent summer vibes blossoms. This is the warm weather urgency Chicago’s Brett Sova, a.k.a. Axis:sovA, perfectly captures on the a-side to his debut release. “(I Feel Like) Laying Low” unleashes beautifully junky, skewed surf-rock as projected through a rust belt prism, replete with hummable hooks and scorching guitar pyrotechnics. Sova’s vocal melodies evoke a sort of breezy Brian Wilson meets juke joint swagger, flying high above a musty chasm of punchy swamp-rock boogie, aquatic percussion, and Spacemen 3 warped blues. (I Feel Like) Laying Low b/w Dopamine Boomerang just dropped this week via¬†Licking River, and it’s worthy of your earspace


  • Holly

    Cool beans!