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Shabazz Palaces and The Helio Sequence Take Zanzabar in January

What? How? What is this bill? Help computer! One of the freshest, strangest collectives in hip-hop, Shabazz Palaces, come back to earth from the otherworld to scoop up legendary space fuzz outfit The Helio Sequence like out of fucking nowhere for the combo breaker… and they’re playing a 250 person room! Holy shit, Luhvull. This is bananas. God is good.

Shabazz Palaces and The Helio Sequence
Tuesday, January 29
Zanzabar, Louisville
8 p.m. / $TBA / 21+
Facebook invite

[Photos] Shabazz Palaces – Pitchfork Music Festival, Chicago – 7.17.11 

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