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Speaking in Tongues


Indiana native Spirit Spine recently unveiled his new concept album Glossolalia, which he dedicates to, “famed skeptic and magician James Randi.” Over nine tracks of hypnotic drum beats and rising layers of guitar ambience unfolds a Jodorowski-like story of a priest crash-landed in the desert. Fittingly so, this set of jams is devoid of the tropicalism from previous efforts, actually, the album sounds more appropriate for morning prayer than an after dinner spliff. Take the desolate guitar work of Amen Dunes, mix it with Deacon’s ceremonial tones, and your on the right track. When the lo-fi scene exploded, pushing most new artists into garage or electronic sub-genres, folk music seemingly became a stale effort (how many bearded bands are you excited to see at SXSW this year? none). Glossolalia manages to bring back those rustic devices on tracks like “Thirst” and fuse them into something modern. This is awesome stuff.

Stream and purchase Glossolalia on Spirit Spine’s bandcamp.

MP3 :::
Spirit Spine – Ocean of Sand

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