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[SXSW] Awesome Discoveries! Weekend, Carsick Cars, and Zorch

What is probably the most important facet sof South By Southwest for both musicians and writers is the notion of seeing new, amazing music unexpectedly. Below are three bands that I simply stumbled upon by happenstance, and I was better for it. ZOMG DISCOVERIES YAY!!!11

On Thursday, I discovered the power and the glory of the tundra known as “east of I-35.” Smaller parties, less claustrophobia, just as much talent – I had a blast that afternoon, and got to meet up with Get Off the Coast as well. The Sensitive Homeboyz (Weekly Tape Deck, Transparent, Yours Truly, Underwater Peoples, Indie-Verse) threw a big shindig called Shake Some Action in the parking lot of an Ethiopian Restaurant with a slew of good bands and cheap beer. Unofficial SXSW is a great style. And I caught Weekend. Yes, that’s a son of a bitch to Google, but the reward is great. Weekend lies at the cross-section of nasty psych, decimated pop, primordial shoegaze, and grody noise. Their show was brutal. These bros have a 7″ coming out with Young Prisms that will smoke. (Weekend on the MySpaces)

This was the first show of the first South By Southwest that Beijing’s Carsick Cars played. They were great. In a recent interview, Shou Wang talked about how discovering The Velvet Underground at 17 was completely┬árevelatory, and you certainly hear that in their music. However, mash play on that video below. Notice how the intro channels Glenn Branca’s “Lesson No. 1 For Electric Guitar,” then jettisons into Swell Maps/This Heat territory in a matter of seconds? That’s power. The crowd was not as into them as other acts on the bill, and for that, I say screw ’em. Their fucking loss. Carsick Cars are legit. No wonder Thurston Moore handpicked the group to support Sonic Youth on a recent European tour. (Carsick Cars on the MySpaces)

Zorch put me back in a good headspace with great efficiency. We were trying to catch Light Pollution (and were never successful) at Wave. Wave was packed with douches; my mellow severely harshed. Then, heading toward the back, we started hearing this Holy Fuck-esque spazz duo that, while suffering projection issues, were awesome to see live. That was Zorch, and they’re an Austin band. The type of math rock you’ll need a fuckin’ TI-83 for. Believe that. I also saw their music described somewhere as having a koala bear crap a rainbow on your brain. Believe that, too. You’ll see in the video that no one was paying attention to the band, which just confirms my aforementioned assumption about the vibe at Wave that night. But that’s okay, they got at least one disciple that night. I can’t wait to hear more. (Zorch on the MySpaces)

MP3 :::
Weekend – Tiara
Carsick Cars – You Can Listen, You Can Talk
Zorch – Zut Alore!

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  • andrei

    thanks for zorch man! best thing i've heard since fuck buttons' bright tomorrow. love the carsick cars to.

    here's a link to a post i did today about your discoveries :D. Hope you don't mind

  • Evan

    carsick OWNS. thanks for givin them some luv

  • steve-o

    dude..zorch sux way more than the neon indians

  • kenny_bloggins

    That's awesome. Why would I mind? I like seeing awesome bands get as much coverage as they can.

  • kenny_bloggins

    Eh, to each his/her own

  • kenny_bloggins

    That's awesome. Why would I mind? I like seeing awesome bands get as much coverage as they can.

  • kenny_bloggins

    you suk way more than neon indians

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