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[SXSW] Gary Wilson – Red7, Austin – 3.17.11

Not much to say about Gary Wilson that has not yet been said. I’m glad he’s back. I’m glad I got to hear “6.4 = Make Out” live. I’m glad that he feigned rearing a child to a packed house at Red7. I’m glad the on-stage baby powder explosion did not adversely affect my camera. I’m glad that, after seeing him in person, in tandem with his Linda meme and the fact the he was discovered working in an adult theater after a two decade absence, I can say I unequivocally believe his creepiness is sincere. I’m glad Gary Wilson is here to give people something to think about. I’m glad Gary Wilson is teaching dudes that you too can be a babe magnet by taping a blanket to your head. Most of all, I’m glad I caught him at South By Southwest.

  • William

    Hadn't heard of him before, after listening to a few songs, especially, 6.whatever=makeout i firmly believe Ian Svenonious listened to this guy on repeat as a child.