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[SXSW] The Endtables – Barbarella, Austin – 3.18.11

Friday’s WFMU showcase at Barbarella was a total treat. Louisville’s The Endtables, one of the city’s first punk acts and a huge influence on countless artists you love, played their first show in over three decades. I had the chance to speak with Steve Rigot shortly after the show, and he seemed uncertain whether The Endtables would initiate a full-fledged reunion. That’s unfortunate, as this band was one of the most energetic and loudest acts I saw at South By Southwest. Considering these dudes are middle aged with families and mortgages and shit, you young indie rock dorks need to take some damn notes. Shit. Also, a special note to production guys… red and blue stage washes are the worst. A photog’s nightmare. Throw some green and yellow on the stage every once in a while, c’mon guys! I purchased $16 USD worth of booze from you, Barbarella, the least you can do is help me get more than two photos worth a crap. Why you gotta do me like that? But I digress…

Oh and hey, yeah, WFMU streamed the whole show, ergo, a rip of the entire show is available for listening pleasure below. If you listen closely, you can hear Bloggins cussing out a fellow photographer for blasting flash in the band’s faces. Have some respect, guy.