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Cropped Out 2013 Ropes in Lambchop, Mayo Thompson, Wolf Eyes, and More!


Back for its fourth year, the country’s most determinedly anti-commercial, DIY, how-does-this-thing-even-exist festival returns this September. Cropped Out Fest 2013, just like the previous three, packs some serious surprises – the aerodynamic Lambchop, legendary Red Krayola freak folker Mayo Thompson, legendary Louisville punk outfit The Endtables, feel good noise purveyors Wolf Eyes, and a slew of familiar touring names – Blues Control, Endless Boogie, Bill Orcutt (this time with drummer Chris Corsano), and of course, the weirdest sonic bullshit from the city and region.

Just like last year, Cropped Out returns on the last weekend of September at our absolutely favorite blue collar country club on the muddy banks of the Ohio – American Turners, as well as a special closing party at the Workhorse Ballroom on Sunday (a.k.a. the cave where Bill Callahan and Dave Pajo played). Go on and get your tickets now, because if history repeats itself, more insanity will be added throughout the summer.

From the homies Ryan and James:

What our festival intends to define is a renewed sense of enthusiasm about Kentucky’s cultural offerings by pairing some of our favorites from the Bluegrass State with similarly progressive and expressive examples from alternate alleys of the world. The result? Well, one wild, wonderful weekend on the Ohio River, filled with food trucks, cheap drinks, vinyl vendors, art installations, merchant booths, tattoo artists, live magic, horseshoes, an idyllic backdrop of birds, boats, and barges, all while witnessing one-of-a-kind, intimate performances from artists like Jandek, Scratch Acid, Neil Hamburger, Lil B, Pissed Jeans, Merchandise, Angel Olsen, Papa M, & more.

Cropped Out exists solely as a celebration of contemporary musicians, artists, and artisans whom we feel reflect a greater undercurrent of sonic, visual, and conceptual exploration. These are the minds most interesting to us, the minds most capable of emerging from and quickly returning to their lightlessness, if only to be briefly met by a niche appreciation. We’re the ones who are listening. We’ll be waiting on the boat dock with open beers, open ears, and open arms. Now you know where to find us.

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[SXSW] The Endtables – Barbarella, Austin – 3.18.11 March 27, 2011

[Photos] Cropped Out Fest – American Turners, Louisville – 9.28.12

So Cropped Out 2012 fucking ruled. No surprise there. What was particularly refreshing this year, though: witnessing the coupling of the super friendly, blue collar riverfront resort from a bygone era American Turners Club with the serious momentum the festival had yet to establish when Cropped Out last graced these grounds in 2010. When you turned off River Road into the funky yet scenic facility, you entered a totally different realm, secluded from everything else going on in the city. Or on the planet for that matter. You’re fully enrolled in weirdo summer camp. Welcome to it.

Approaching Cropped Out’s big ‘Phreedom Hall’ stage just shy of 7:30 p.m., I got to utter words I never thought I’d be able to: “Oh hey, there’s Jandek.” Yep, Cropped Out up and called Corwood Industries, and there’s Jandek – tall, lanky, well sculpted skypiece, very shiny boots, and, I shit you not, cheesin’ like a motherfucker. Disturbed, maybe… but at least Jandek is happy about it. His performance was more of an extended jam session rather than the club bangers we all know and love from like Six and Six. And the improv featured a selection of Louisville musicians to ride the dark grooves, handpicked by the man himself: Sapat/Softcheque’s Dane Waters, The For Carnation’s Chris Wunderlich, Tropical Trash’s Jordan Richardson, and holy moly wouldn’t you know it… Thrill Jockey songstress Miss Catherine Irwin on the 4-string! The best part of the Jandek band’s performance though… the best part… was watching this dude run up to the stage and drop off a CD at Jandek’s feet. “Yo Jandek, peep my band’s disc one time when you get back to Houston.” What a cool ass thing to do.

The other internationally lauded recluse of the evening, Eugene Chadbourne, threw quite a curve ball. Propped against the backdrop of the Ohio River at night at the ‘Scully Alley’ stage (a corridor between Turners’ two main buildings), Chadbourne delivered a totally fucking pleasant 45 minute set of unadulterated steamboat folk – nothing more than frantic banjo strumming and storytelling somewhere between populist and surreal. It was fantastic. Chain and the Gang had enough energy for ten punk or hip-hop groups combined, and it appears local hodgepodge collective Twin Sister Radio, who delivered a particularly spirited performance, got the memo from Ian Svenonius about wearing red. Supression truly summoned “psych from hell” with crunchy, gut-punching headtrips all clocking in under a minute. The band also produced one of the most cost effective and inventive visual mediums I’ve seen employed by a psych rock act – agitating bowls of jelly on top of a simple elementary school projector. Canadian punks Lantern steamrolled through with one of the tightest sets of sludge I’ve heard in a minute. Honestly, everything and everyone ruled except for Slug Guts, who kinda sounded like a high school band covering The Birthday Party. Maybe it was an off night for them.

Cropped Out Fest is a Twilight Zone man, and already on the first night, the festival offered up the best year yet. And that says a lot.











So Cropped Out Added Lil B, I Don’t Even Know, Man


Cropped Out organizer Ryan Davis texts me on Saturday night with “dude, we just got the most fucked up confirmation for cropped out.” I respond “O_O.” And then this flashed across my phone screen: “Based god 2012.” No way, I thought. I love Cropped Out, and supported the festival since I first found out about it, but I would’ve never thought Cropped Out would go full #rare. Well, he’s playing, and has already requested vodka, chapstick, and a disposable camera on his rider. “Bitches on my dick cuz I look like Neil Hamburger.”

So Based God  and the Bitch Mob are now part of Cropped Out 2012, along with Jandek, Neil Hamburger, R. Stevie Moore, David Lieb Hart… all at a bizarre retro riverfront country club. Cropped Out is now officially the weirdest fucking festival on the planet. It’s like watching the Internet come to life. How can you not go on and purchase your tickets?

Cropped Out Fest 2012 Initial Lineup Announced

For the third year in a row, Louisville’s crazy weird, super DIY, possibly illegal festival blowout Cropped Out returns… and it returns in which it came, The American Turners Club, where the inaugural 2010 festival was held. There are two things you can expect with Cropped Out productions – unusual venues, and curveballs. This year’s festival provides a bountiful harvest of both, throwing public access-core acts like Tim and Eric’s David Lieb Hart with outsider music royalty Jandek and American’s Funnyman Neil Hamburger together in a facility that is dubbed locally “the redneck country club.” This is just insane, and the entire weekend is $35… an amazing value, especially considering that this is not even the full line-up. Shoo-wee. And keep a close watch on the “Sunday night closing party,” which you might remember last year was Scratch Acid.

From organizers Ryan and James:

This Fall (September 28th-29th), we will be taking over the American Turners Club — our home for year one, as a few (literally, a few) of you might remember. Last year at the Crummy Den was not only a blast but also a milestone for us as an organization. However, as fun as it was watching Scratch Acid play in a crowded warehouse shortly after cops accosted them at gunpoint, having mistaken them for armed robbers, we decided it was time to take our festival back to more…”welcoming” grounds of operation. As always, we’ve carefully chosen a solid stash of local, national, and international performing artists to spotlight in our hometown of Louisville, KY. There will also be a familiar face or two from festivals past.

See you all next month!

Check out the amazing Friday Night Somewhere at Cropped Out 2011 below

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[Photos + GIF] Old Baby, 200 Years, and State Champion – Zanzabar, Louisville – 4.11.12

It’s cool enjoying a blockbuster bill shared between internationally celebrated acts and your drinking buddies. The second Wednesday night of this month offered just that with Old Baby’s release party for Misunderstanding Human Behavior, with special guests 200 Years (Ben Chasney of Six Organs of Admittance and Magik Markers’ Elisa Ambrogio) and rabble rousers State Champion. Planets aligned this night, believe. Photos after the jump.

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