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Frog Eyes Take Their Pulpit to Dead Oceans


The bizarre hyper-literate post punk outfit Frog Eyes have never been easy to contextualize. Although they were spawned from the same family of acts as fellow Canadian history-buffs Destroyer and Sunset Rubdown, the group couldn’t generate the same buzz as their prolific peers because of their sharp, often unresolved aesthetic. Three years in the making, and recorded live with no overdubs, their newest release Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph makes no attempt to soften out their edges. Carey Mercer remains one of the few vocalists to takes cues from Pere Ubu’s near-theatrical bellows, and sounds more enraged, enlightened, and energized than ever. Swells of fuzzed out guitar carve out movements from the wall of sound, with even more minimal adornments of piano than on previous albums. Wife Melanie Campbell tactfully observes and comments with her drumming that shifts from processional snare hits to muffled big-beats on a dime. Moody, angular, ecstatic, Shakespearean, what other band can juggle those adjectives successfully?

Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph
is available on April 26th through Dead Oceans. And the group will hit stateside in late May for an American tour w/ Beach Fossils.

MP3 :::
Frog Eyes – Lear in Love