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The Golden Space Rock of Vinyl Williams

Now’s as good of time as any to quote the famous Roy Scheider line “gonna need a bigger pair of speakers.” Vinyl Williams is too big even for the massive vistas, mountains, and salt flats of their native Utah. “Gold” is an online only single and a killer introduction to this newgaze/space rock duo. The expansive and soaring soundscapes augmented with silky and fluid melodies and cavernous reverb recalls Ride and The Turn Ons, but with added shrouded mystery. Dudes also make some amazing artwork that you can see on their blog, and of course, you can find them on the MySpaces as well. Some true creative greatness brewing in this camp, so get behind it.

For fans of:  Ride, Stratford 4, The Turn Ons, Serena Maneesh, Dykehouse

MP3 :::
Vinyl Williams – Gold