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Ty Segall – Goodbye Bread

Sic Alps-collaborator, collector of cute animal photos, and summoner of rock music of yore Ty Segall returns not long after Metled melted the fucking faces off of dudes who sip on fair trade coffee. Goodbye Bread offers up vintage Nuggets-ready cuts that tend to run more subdued than his previous work. Don’t think, however, that Goodbye Bread isn’t packed with scorchers. “My Head Explodes” and “Where Your Head Goes” bursts with soaring choruses, nasty guitar fuzz, and tape echo that reaches high above the International Space Station. In a show of songwriting maturity, however, Segall varies his approaches and tempos throughout, producing a counterbalance to his scorched earth policy with sparse, slow burning, hashish-fueled jams like “Fine” and “Goodbye Bread” that bookend the record.

Ty Segall is a master of efficiency. He commands compelling psych rock with little effects or instrumentation – usually nothing more than clean guitars with a slight amp gain, three-piece drums, and his Tyrannosaurus Rex-channeling vox play. We love this record at Decibel Tolls HQ, but there’s no reason to get overly academic about it. It’s good rock and roll like mama used to make. Stream the record and dig on it yourself at 3VOOR12, then pick it up, starting today, from our friends at Drag City.

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Ty Segall –  Goodbye Bread

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