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[Video] Bachelorette – “Blanket”

Galactic siren Annabelle Alpers, a.k.a. Bachelorette, continues to beguile on her gorgeous new eponymous release.  The Christchurch, New Zealand native’s trademark blend of cavernous analog pop, incandescent psychedelia, and icy vocal melodies work in tandem to concoct songs that tend to be both instantly catchy and viscerally unsettling. In the video for the album’s lead single “Blanket,” grainy super-8 aesthetics mix with faded fluorescent colors, melted visages, and animation as kaleidoscopic as the music. Director Stephen Grisé perfectly captures Bachelorette’s distinct retro-futurism within a vibrant visual palette. For both Bachelorette and Grisé, space is still the place. Tune in, drop out, et al.

Her third effort, Bachelorette, is available now via Drag City.

Bachelorette – s/t
Bachelorette – My Electric Family

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